The Interest Group Hemp is the association of the Swiss hemp industry and represents its members in politics, authorities and in public. It promotes exchange and cooperation among its members and thus strengthens the hemp industry in Switzerland. Its mission is to establish cannabis in society in a sustainable manner and to create a regulated cannabis market in order to ensure that Switzerland plays a leading role in the global cannabis industry.

Goals of the IG Hemp

The IG Hemp works on different levels for the establishment of a regulated hemp market and a clear cannabis legislation in Switzerland.

Through various projects, the IG Hemp is pushing the professionalisation of the industry further. Only through this can a sustainable and innovative cannabis industry flourish in Switzerland.

The IG Hemp sets new standards in the industry. Whether with guidelines for quality assurance & quality management for companies in the hemp industry, the code of honour which obliges all IG Hemp members to act responsibly, respectfully and professionally, as well as a strict adherence to the protection of minors or with the quality label Swiss Certified Cannabis (SCC), which guarantees product and consumer safety.

Hemp and its ingredients have an almost infinite pharmacological application. However, due to the prohibition of the last decades, research has fallen behind. The IG Hemp works for the establishment of the cannabis plant as a medicine and demands easier access for patients.

The IG Hemp is in constant exchange with its over 160 members and mediates between them and the authorities.

We support our members in the most important legal questions and are a competent consulting partner for them. The IG Hemp also offers an optimal platform for the exchange between the different members of the industry. Thus synergies can be created and the hemp industry in Switzerland can grow together.

The IG Hemp advocates a safe and controlled access to the advantages of hemp. This will ensure the quality and product safety that we need for efficient consumer protection.

The IG Hanf promotes the hemp plant as a renewable raw material. Hemp is an incredibly versatile plant and has fascinating properties. Through the repression and prohibition of the last years, many people do not know the almost inexhaustible potential of the plant yet. This although the hemp plant has a long history in Switzerland.