Swiss Certified Cannabis stands for safe and trustworthy Swiss cannabis products. It aims to establish itself as the valid and recognized quality label of the Swiss cannabis industry.

The quality label Swiss Certified Cannabis

  • Guarantees product safety and increases consumer confidence
  • protects producers from loss of reputation and damage to their image
  • Ensures compliance with quality standards and legal regulations as well as regulatory requirements for productio

With the quality label Swiss Certified Cannabis, the industry association of Swiss cannabis producers creates a proven instrument for comprehensible transparency and consumer-friendly information about the entire production chain.

Advantages for consume

  • Guarantee of products of perfect quality and safety
  • Guarantee of raw materials free from pesticides and solvents
  • Traceability throughout the production chain

Advantages for producers

  • Building trust with consumers, customers and authorities
  • Protection against economic damage or loss of reputation
  • Label use on certified products

Advantages for authorities

  • Strengthening cooperation between producers, authorities and inspection bodies
  • Guaranteed product and consumer safety through standardized test procedures and independent laboratories
  • Standardized certification process and recurring audits

For more informations: Swiss-Certified-Cannabis