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Public Relations

The Public Relations Working Group of IG Hemp Switzerland is a dedicated group of members who have set themselves the goal of informing the public about the many aspects of hemp and its positive effects on health, the environment and the economy. Through their work, they help to promote the dialogue about hemp and its potentials and thereby bring about positive changes on a social and political level.

Legal and Compliance

The work of the Legal and Compliance Working Group aims to improve the legal situation related to hemp and contribute to proper regulation that meets the needs of society and the industry.

Lukas Brunner


Quality and standards

The working group Quality and Standards of IG Hemp Switzerland is dedicated to the quality assurance of hemp products and the definition of industry standards. The development of the quality label “Swiss Certified Cannabis – SCC” is one of the focal points of the working group. The SCC guideline creates reliable processes and ensures reproducible product quality.

Elias Galantay


Market research and data

The Market Research and Data Working Group is concerned with the analysis of market trends, consumer behavior, economic impact and other relevant data of the Swiss hemp market.
The Working Group works closely with other stakeholders, research institutions and authorities to share their knowledge and findings and to initiate joint research projects. Through this exchange, the working group contributes to the further development of the hemp sector in Switzerland.

Education and training

The training working group is dedicated to the development of training concepts for hemp-related activities in Switzerland. In doing so, we take into account the entire value chain of the hemp industry, from the production and processing of hemp products to sales, marketing and legal aspects. We work closely with experts and professionals to ensure that our training content is always up-to-date and relevant to practice.


The working group is committed to the exchange with national and international hemp associations. Its goal is to improve the legal framework, facilitate access to hemp products and promote the versatile use of the hemp plant. It works with government agencies and stakeholders, informs the public, and offers support to companies and individuals in the hemp industry.