Through the support of its members, IG Hemp can perform its tasks and strengthen and promote the industry. In doing so, IG Hemp also wants to offer its members added value: for example, through benefits and perks.

All benefits with a membership at IG Hemp at a glance:

CBD Test / Guttentag Solutions

  • Discount on internally performed analyses (not cumulative with individual contractual agreements with CBD-Test)

Cannavigia (Software Management Tool)

  • % on the entire service from installation costs to software license for a new registration with Cannavigia.

CarbonActive (ventilation systems/ventilation solutions)

  • Free consultation*

Kälte Kuster (refrigeration and air conditioning technology)

  • Free consulting*

CBD Packaging (product packaging machines)

  • Free consulting*
  • Free product packaging test

Heidi Cervantes (translations DE – FR / FR – DE and quality control
of texts)

  • Discount by text content (number of words)

Carbagas (gas supplier and gas applications)

  • Free advice on the application and implementation of gases*
  • % discount on material purchase

Chemira GmbH (chemical trade)

  • Free return of empty containers from Chemira GmbH

Airbend GmbH (air conditioning solutions for indoor plants)

  • Free initial consultation*
  • Free cost estimate

Westfalen Gas Schweiz GmbH (gas supplier)

  • 12 % discount on gas orders

Hotelcard AG (Hotel/Logie)

  • 30 to 50% discount in over 500 hotels in Switzerland and neighboring countries
  • 1-year Hotelcard for CHF 79.- instead of CHF 99.-

The best hotel deals in Switzerland!
As a member you stay in over 500 hotels in Switzerland and neighboring countries 30 to 50% cheaper. Whether it’s a wellness, mountain or city trip: from 5-star hotels to monasteries, you’ll find everything your travel heart desires. Discover the best hotels in Switzerland and make a conscious decision for vacations in the vicinity.

As a member of IG Hemp you can order the 1-year hotelcard for CHF 79 instead of CHF 99.
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*usually subject to a fee