Code of Ethics

This is a binding code of conduct, which applies to the members of the association IG Hanf Schweiz. IG Hemp is recognized by the federal authorities BAG, BLV, BWL as an official industry association.

Since the reputation of the entire cannabis industry depends on how members conduct their business, IG Hemp requires that its members strictly adhere to the Code of Conduct.

The code is the basis for a membership in IG Hemp and entitles to use the logo.

Members of IG Hemp demonstrate their commitment to the profession, society, as well as their fellow competitors by agreeing to abide by the following standards:

Code of Ethics

We treat our customers,
competitors and authorities with respect.

We advise our customers
honestly, transparently and competently.

We always act professionally and ensure
thereby a positive image of our industry.

We run our businesses in a sincere manner
and comply with applicable laws.

We consistently implement compliance with the protection of minors.

We actively and responsibly promote low-risk use of our

We comply with the regulations for controlled and
safe production and further processing of our products.

We guarantee with professional instruments
a comprehensive quality control.

We transparently communicate the necessary figures for the collection of
taxes to the responsible bodies.

We pay our taxes correctly,
as well as all social security and insurance.

A commission elected by the members, consisting of two members of the Association and one member of the Board of Directors, may act as a neutral supervisory body in the event of violations of the Code on a rotating basis.

The commission is authorized to take measures against offending members.

Appeals against a decision of the Commission may be submitted in writing to the General Assembly within 30 days.