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Der Branchenverband der Schweizer Cannabis-Industrie vertritt ihre Mitglieder bei Politik, Behörden und in der Öffentlichkeit.

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Guideline for certification

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Audit and certification

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Why become a member

For the sustainable establishment of hemp in Switzerland.

The Interessengemeinschaft Hanf is the association of the Swiss hemp industry. It represents its members towards politics, authorities and the public. It promotes exchange and cooperation among its members and thus strengthens the hemp industry in Switzerland. Its mission is to sustainably establish cannabis in society and to create a regulated cannabis market in order to secure Switzerland a pioneering role in the global cannabis industry.

Regulate hemp market

IG Hanf is committed to the establishment of a regulated hemp market and clear cannabis legislation in Switzerland on various levels.

Advance the industry

Through various projects, IG Hemp continues to drive the professionalization of the industry. Only in this way can a sustainable and innovative cannabis industry thrive in Switzerland.

Set standards

IG Hemp sets new standards in the industry. Be it with guidelines on quality assurance & quality management for companies in the hemp industry, the code of honor that obliges all IG Hemp members to act responsibly, respectfully and professionally, as well as strict compliance with the protection of minors, or with the quality label Swiss Certified Cannabis (SCC), which thus guarantees product and consumer safety.

About IG Hemp and its members

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For a safe and regulated cannabis market in Switzerland.
The Swiss Cannabis Industry

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