Welcome to the Swiss Cannabis Industry Association

The Swiss Cannabis Industry Association represents its members in politics, public authorities and in public.

For a strong hemp market in Switzerland

The Interest Group Hemp is the industry association of Swiss producers and traders of hemp products. We promote exchange and cooperation among members and thus strengthen the hemp industry in Switzerland. The IG Hemp is an interface between the companies and the authorities and stands up for the taxation of hemp.

Our goals

  • 01.

    regulating the hemp market

  • 02.

    driving the industry forward

  • 03.

    Setting standards

  • 04.

    Establishing an understanding

  • 05.

    Moderating the dialogue

  • 06.

    Fostering cooperation

  • 07.

    Regulating access

  • 08.

    Strengthening hemp


Since its foundation, IG Hemp has been working on various levels to establish cannabis on a sustainable basis, thus furthering the professionalization of the innovative Swiss hemp industry. The following is a selection of projects initiated by the IG Hemp.

News & Stories

The IG Hemp enables sustainable public relations work, is present at trade fairs and holds seminars. The IG Hemp is also an important source of information for the media, with interviews and statements it stands up for the Swiss hemp industry and its members. The IG Hemp provides its members with information, offers a platform for discussions, and collects and processes data.

Statement of IG Hanf on the press release of the VKCS of February 1, 2022 “Food with CBD claim – misery and distress”.

On February 1, 2022, the Association of Cantonal Chemists of Switzerland (VKCS) informed by media release about their last year’s ...
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First detailed study on CBD consumption habits in Switzerland

We are pleased to present you the results of the “Study on Cannabidiol (CBD) Consumption Habits”. The study was conducted ...
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House Approves Federal Marijuana Legalization Bill In Historic Vote

The U.S. House of Representatives approved a bill to federally legalize marijuana in a historic vote on Friday.
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Twice a year we meet in Bern for general meetings, where, in addition to association matters, exciting lectures on current topics are also held. To the general meetings of course also companies are welcome which want to get a first impression of the IG Hemp. Always in autumn after the meeting the IG Hemp Grillfest takes place, where new contacts are made or existing ones are deepened while enjoying delicious food.

CB Expo Zurich, September 10th-11th, 2022

Sat 10.09.2022 - Sun 11.09.2022
Stage-One Eventhall Zurich,
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At IG Hemp everybody can become a member! Contributions are fairly graded according to company size from 300 CHF - 1500 CHF, nonprofits are free of charge. The board of directors is involved on a voluntary basis, the contributions flow entirely into the goals of IG Hemp.

300.00 CHF pro Jahr
Mitgliedschaft für Einzelfirmen
600.00 CHF pro Jahr
Mitgliedschaft für Firmen mit 2 - 3 Mitarbeitern
1'000 CHF pro Jahr
Mitgliedschaft für Firmen mit 4 - 9 Mitarbeitern
IG 9+
1'500.00 CHF pro Jahr
Mitgliedschaft für Firmen ab 9 Mitarbeitern
Non Profit
Mitgliedschaft für Non-Profit Organisationen

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