The community of interests Hemp Switzerland (IG Hanf Schweiz | CI Chanvre Suisse | CI Canapa Svizzera) brings together the different actors of the cannabis sector, and has as its main objective to unify all hemp’s interests and to establish a strong link with the legislator, regulatory authorities, companies active in the production, processing and distribution of hemp products and final consumer.

The goals of the association are:

  • Allow safe and controlled access to the benefits of hemp for the consumer
  • To be a reliable and trustworthy interlocutor
  • Contribute at best to the economy, the environment and Swiss society

In the context of the consultation on the Amendment of the Narcotics Act and Ordinance on Pilot Tests within the Narcotics Act (Pilot Tests with Cannabis) ; we publish here our position regarding this two texts. Internally, we have conducted a consultation among our member base and formulated our final statement so that it represents the vast majority of our member base; protect the consumers and control the market

In a nutshell, our document stress the importance of :

  • working with Swiss hemp
  • having a specialized shop system that can operate
  • planning the creation of a centralize cannabis body

Link to the document (in french): 2018.10.23_IGHANF_Formulaire_electronique_essais_pilotes_cannabis_f

We are looking forward to collaborating further with all stakeholders on the way to a Cannabis regulated market in Switzerland.

Bern, October 23, 2018
The Board

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