Set 2021

First detailed study on CBD consumption habits in Switzerland

We are pleased to present you the results of the “Study on Cannabidiol (CBD) Consumption Habits”. The study was conducted together with uWeed, a leading Swiss online cannabis retailer and IG Hemp member. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the study or actively promoted it.

The aim of the study was to create more clarity about CBD consumption in Switzerland. Among other things, the study revealed that CBD users are predominantly male (66%) and the average level of education is high – 41% have a higher education. More than 52% use CBD exclusively, 35% are tobacco smokers and only 25% say they also use illegal cannabis. This also underlines that there is a clear demand among CBD consumers for our quality label Swiss Certified Cannabis (“SCC”), which stands for safe and trustworthy Swiss cannabis products. Products that carry the SCC label are clearly preferred by consumers over non-certified products.

You can read the complete study here.
We have also sent out a press release on this topic. You can find it here.

Now we wish you an exciting read and valuable insights. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments.