You want cannabis legal? – go vote!

Landmark elections are taking place this fall. The National Council and Council of States will be elected for the next four years.

Four years, which will be decisive for the hemp industry and for all cannabis users in Switzerland. During this time, a new cannabis law (Siegenthaler parliamentary initiative, 20.473) is to be discussed and implemented by the National Council and the Council of States.

Until the upcoming election, the National Council has a narrow majority in favor of hemp (overall 51% yes or rather yes). It is now up to us to ensure that the supporters of a sensible hemp regulation remain in the majority in the National Council. In the Council of States, a majority has to be won in the first place (see chart below).

Find out with a mouse click which politicians in your canton are hemp-friendly at (questionnaire category Society & Ethics) and make sure with your vote that the new parliament can agree to a new regulation in favor of an effective youth and health protection.

A reasonable cannabis regulation forms the basis for consumer protection, quality assurance as well as the fight against the black market and the sustainable development of the Swiss hemp industry. Through a target-oriented regulation, the potential of the cannabis plant can be meaningfully exploited and Switzerland can act as a global pioneer for an adequate regulatory model.

Under the following link you will find the evaluation of the attitude of the national and state parliamentarians on the subject of hemp.

Only regulated works!

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Lukas Brunner
Author: Lukas Brunner