Swiss Certified Cannabis – SCC

The introduction and maintenance of a quality standard in the Swiss cannabis industry protects producers and consumers. Therefore the IG Hemp has created the quality label Swiss Certified Cannabis (SCC), which is awarded by qualified auditors. It thus guarantees product and consumer safety. SCC sets the stage for further professionalization of the industry and strengthens cooperation with authorities and control bodies. The SCC guidelines are constantly and sensibly developed with the aim of improving the quality of cannabis products in Switzerland in the long term.


  • Guarantee of absolute traceability throughout the production chain
  • Highest security for consumers & customers
  • Building trust with consumers, customers and authorities
  • Protection against economic damage or loss of reputation

Label “Swiss Certified Cannabis”

The label Swiss Certified Cannabis may only be used by those who have been successfully certified by the IG Hemp and meet the quality requirements. The same applies to analytical laboratories that want to perform analyses in cannabis samples.


to achieve these goals, IG Hemp works together with QPM von Kaenel. QPM von Kaenel offers training, consulting and workshops for the members of IG Hemp at cost price, also digital. IG Hemp members benefit from a low-threshold offer.

Certification Process

  1. Registration for certification by company
  2. Training of the company by QPM von Kaenel
  3. Certification audit on site
  4. Audit report goes to the board of directors of IG Hemp, which decides on the granting of the certificate

IG Hemp members benefit from exclusive access to the Swiss Certified Cannabis Homepage and all information (incl. SCC guide) & support