Code of Honor

The Code of Honor obliges all IG Hemp members to act responsibly, respectfully and professionally, as well as to strictly adhere to the protection of minors. Misconduct can be sanctioned by IG Hemp.

Code of honor

  • We treat our customers, competitors and authorities with respect.
  • We advise our customers honestly, transparently and competently.
  • We always act professionally and thus ensure a positive image of our industry.
  • We manage our businesses in an honest manner and comply with applicable laws.
  • We consistently implement compliance with the protection of minors.
  • We actively and responsibly promote low-risk use of our products.
  • We comply with regulations for controlled and safe production and processing of our products.
  • We guarantee comprehensive quality control with professional instruments.
  • We transparently communicate the necessary figures for the collection of taxes to the relevant authorities.
  • We settle our taxes correctly, as well as all social contributions and insurances.

Bern, March 1, 2022