Cannabis Consensus Switzerland

Many addiction experts and medical professionals, politicians from all parties, the Federal Commission for Addiction Issues and large parts of the population agree: the current policy on cannabis has failed.

IG Hanf is a founding member of the association Cannabis Consensus Switzerland, in which organizations and political parties jointly seek a way for an open and responsible approach to cannabis.

2 pillars, 10 principles : 1 regulatory model

The search for a better model adapted to the needs of Switzerland is already well advanced. Our model is based on the synthesis report “Cannabis” of the Federal Commission on Narcotic Drugs.
The Commission considers that “these two axes are essential for any potential Swiss cannabis regulatory model”: protection of the population and control and regulation of the market.

The study authors formulated ten guiding principles for a regulatory model:

  • Protect youth from the negative effects of cannabis use.
  • Encourage use of cannabis products with low health risks
  • Educate consumers about the risks
  • Prevent and punish the practice of certain professional activities under the influence of cannabis
  • Restrict cannabis in public places and cannabis advertising
  • Control cannabis production and quality and ensure traceability
  • Separate the market for medical cannabis from the market for non-medical cannabis
  • Sell cannabis products in specialty shops
  • Tax cannabis to finance accompanying measures
  • Regulate cannabis production for personal use

This regulatory model should be understood as a basis for discussion.
The members of the association aim to reach a consensus on a regulatory model.


” Regulated. Works. ”